Setup.exe: Mouse wheel

Benjamin Riefenstahl
Sat May 31 17:27:00 GMT 2003

Hi Robert,

Robert Collins <> writes:
> Lack of time, and lack of feedback - there's been no commentary.

Sure, understood.

> Finally it's not obviously the Right Thing to do.  It seems to me
> we'd want to trap those events and translate them in the rest of the
> choose event loop, not as a special case.

You mean in listview_proc()?  I tried that, but the mouse wheel events
didn't seem to get there at all.

The list view doesn't actually ever take the focus, at least the focus
is never marked there and you can't click on the list view without
changing some selection, except the scroll bars.  So handling those
messages at the dialog level actually seemed a good idea to me after
some consideration.

What I didn't like in the code was that the interface of
chooser->scroll() was not very abstract, using the event parameters of
WM_[HV]SCROLL, that bit seems improvable.  I wasn't prepared to
introduce interface changes in that class, though.

so long, benny

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