Posting from an unsubscribed address

Igor Pechtchanski
Wed Sep 10 16:45:00 GMT 2003

On Wed, 10 Sep 2003, Andrew B. Clegg wrote:

> Sam Steingold brought this up recently on cygwin@ and I've been wondering
> it too.
> Is there a way of posting to this list from an address other than the one
> you're subscribed with? the global-allow function just seems to bypass the
> spamblockers, not the subscribers-only rule.
> My reason's different from Sam's -- I've become very reluctant to use my
> *permanent* email address anywhere that goes on the web, so I've started
> using temporary throwaway ones (see sig) that I don't mind spammers
> getting. This means I have to unsubscribe an old address and resubscribe a
> new one each month.
> On mailman-based lists I can just subscribe the new address and disable
> delivery for it, allowing me to post from it, while my 'real' address gets
> sent all the new mail from the list. Is there an equivalent function in
> ezmlm that could be implemented here?
> Hope this doesn't sound like I'm being too lazy -- and it does after all
> reduce the amount of requests the mailing list server has to deal with.
> Cheers,
> Andrew.


It's possible that the global allow list serves only as a spam filtering
prevention feature, and that you'd have to subscribe to individual -allow
lists to be able to post to subscriber-only ones.  Try sending e-mail to
< at cygwin dot com>
(and then to
< at cygwin dot com>
-- you can even set up a cron job to do this every month :-D).

FWIW, this worked for me (except I actually sent the subscribe e-mail from
the account I now use -- don't know if this matters).
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