Posting from an unsubscribed address

Daniel Reed
Wed Sep 10 16:41:00 GMT 2003

On 2003-09-10T17:32+0100, Andrew B. Clegg wrote:
) Is there a way of posting to this list from an address other than the one
) you're subscribed with? the global-allow function just seems to bypass the
) spamblockers, not the subscribers-only rule.

Since these lists appear to be managed by ezmlm, you should be able to make
use of the "-allow" sublist. You can subscribe to cygwin-apps with your
permanent address, and subscribe to cygwin-apps-allow with your posting

To subscribe to cygwin-apps, you sent an email to
<>; similarly, to subscribe to
cygwin-apps-allow you can send an email to

For cygwin, you should be able to subscribe to cygwin-allow by sending an
email to <>.

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