new package proposal : CLISP

Sam Steingold
Mon Sep 15 17:23:00 GMT 2003

>* Igor Pechtchanski <crpugpun@pf.alh.rqh> [2003-09-15 11:57:43 -0400]:
> On Sat, 13 Sep 2003, Sam Steingold wrote:
> > >* Christopher Faylor <> [2003-09-13 19:41:02 -0400]:
> > >
> > > >this is a misunderstanding.  I am maintaining this package.
> > > >please do upload it.
> > >
> > > Your first act as a maintainer was to ask someone else to maintain
> > > the package, indicating that you have "quite enough on my plate".
> > > That does not fill me with confidence.
> >
> > what do you want - a marriage contract?
> > I have been looking for someone to make and maintain CLISP cygwin
> > package for a year.  now I am doing it myself.  I am still looking for
> > someone to take over.  so?
> I don't see how having a separate maintainer for the Cygwin version of
> CLISP makes your task any easier.  All the patches will still go to
> you (as an upstream maintainer), as will most of the bug reports.  If
> you're the Cygwin maintainer, you won't have to worry about notifying
> the Cygwin maintainer of new releases, etc.  In fact, you don't even
> have to maintain a separate set of Cygwin patches (if you include the
> CYGWIN-PATCHES directory in the main repository).  All in all, if I
> were an author of a package, I'd choose to maintain it myself...  This
> is all IMO, of course.

Let me wander away for a second.

When people say "consistent interface", they mean different things.
For Mozilla people this means that Mozilla on Linux, Windows and Mac
looks exactly the same.  For GNOME people this means that all
GNOME applications look exactly the same.  Both these consistecies
cannot be satisfied at the same time, right?

The same goes for package maintenance.

As a CLISP maintainer, I want the CLISP build process to be identical
on all systems.  Indeed it is: on unix and win32/mingw, all it takes
to configure, build and install is:
        ./configure --install

Now, cygwin maintainers (like RedHat maintaners, Debian maintaners &c
&c) want all packages to look the same _to them_.  This is quite
reasonable, but it puts a certain strain on me: I have to learn all sort
of new stuff (setup.hint format, CYGWIN-PATCHES, *.spec, debian &c &c).

This is why I want someone who already maintains a cygwin package and
who is comfortable with all these requirements to maintain the CLISP
cygwin package.

I am lucky that CLISP already has a debian maintainer.
Now I want a cygwin maintainer too.


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