new package proposal : CLISP

Lapo Luchini
Mon Sep 15 19:54:00 GMT 2003

Sam Steingold wrote:

>Now, cygwin maintainers (like RedHat maintaners, Debian maintaners &c
>&c) want all packages to look the same _to them_.  This is quite
>reasonable, but it puts a certain strain on me: I have to learn all sort
>of new stuff (setup.hint format, CYGWIN-PATCHES, *.spec, debian &c &c).
>This is why I want someone who already maintains a cygwin package and
>who is comfortable with all these requirements to maintain the CLISP
>cygwin package.
>I am lucky that CLISP already has a debian maintainer.
>Now I want a cygwin maintainer too.
If your *only* concern is in learning how to mantain a cygwin package 
(as simple as it seems to be to me now, it seemed not at the beginning) 
I guess I can propose myself to "proxy-package" it.
But as I had not time enough yet to deep-test rsync package (which has 
months-long cygwin-specific hang issues) I would never have time to 
correct cygwin-specific problems in CLISP myself, I'm not even an 
assiduous LISP user. (though it's in my "to-do" list, to learn it 
properly, that list is very long...)

So, if you're happy enough with someone that just need to package that 
for you, I guess I can help, but...

But it would seems like "cheating" to me: the "burden" of a 
cygwin-specific package is having a cygwin-specific README installed in 
the correct directory (/usr/share/doc/Cygwin) and having the binaries 
installed in the correct directory (/usr/bin).
setup.hint is a "fake" problem, as once created, is almost never changed.

So, once someone (me, you, whoever) creates the cygwin-specific README 
(basically including only a short description, a "it compiles out of the 
box" notice, and the list of requierd packages and installed files) and 
the setup.hint and your own install tool of choice is configured to 
support cygwin's directory tree (i.e. using /usr/bin insteadof 
/usr/local/bin, which many package use by default) creating a new 
version of the package would be as easy as running a script.

The *big* part of being a mantainer is, IMHO, trying to solve 
cygwin-specific problems... and if you want to do that anyway then 
mantaining the package really comes almost free. Anyway if this seems 
unnatural to you and you really like someone else to mantain your 
package, with the things I said above, I can do that...

I would really like to have maxima on Cygwin 0=)

Lapo 'Raist' Luchini (PGP & X.509 keys available) (ICQ UIN: 529796)

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