CMake 1.8.3-1 ready

Daniel Reed
Wed Jan 7 16:54:00 GMT 2004

On 2004-01-07T11:16-0500, William A. Hoffman wrote:
) prev: 1.6.7-1
) curr: 1.8.3-1

Uploaded, and I have removed 1.8.2-1. Thanks for the update.

I actually removed 1.6.7-1 first, before noticing the curr/prev in your
setup.hint, so I had to download 1.6.7 from again. The md5sums
matched what was left in md5.sum, but let me know if anything seems broken.

Daniel Reed <>
The pursuit of pretty formulas and neat theorems can no doubt quickly
degenerate into a silly vice, but so can the quest for austere
generalities which are so very general indeed that they are incapable
of application to any particular. -- Eric Temple Bell, Mathematician

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