Pending Packages List, 2004-01-23

Charles Wilson
Mon Jan 26 08:07:00 GMT 2004

> Package: help2man 1.33.1-1  [2004-01-07]
> Description: Creates man pages from program output
>    Proposer: Yaakov Selkowitz
>    Proposal:
>      Status: Attained required 3 votes. Package available.
>    HOLD-UPS: No "good to go" review.

Rebuilt from -src, installed, dir layout, etc.  All good.

As far as your comment about building with/without nls support, you are 
correct that doing so would require another "package" -- the perl 
Locale::gettext module.  That module does build and install without 
problems, but as you say:

"but until last week we hadn't dealt with distributing Perl modules, and 
I wasn't interested in being the first."

That's a fair argument.

Good to go.


P.S. YAY! I can remove one of my "adopt-me" packages!!! :-)

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