joe 3.0 cygwin port

Joshua Daniel Franklin
Sun May 2 15:00:00 GMT 2004

--- "Ricardo Varela [phobeo]" <> wrote:
> hallo,
> I wrote to cygwin list to comment out that I had just ported joe editor
> 3.0 version to cygwin, and I thought it would be a good idea to include
> it in the distro, as its many people's editor of choice.
> Gerrit Haase pointed me to the package contributor's guide, and there
> I've read its convenient to announce this kind of thing in this list, so
> there it goes:
> I have no problems in maintaining joe's package for cygwin. I've read
> the guide and I'm preparing the neccesary changes to the sources in
> order to have joe packages ready in the appropiate packaging format.
> Here's a draft of the setup.hint file for public comments:
> --- begin setup.hint --
> # setup file for Cygwin's version of JOE
> # maintained by Ricardo Varela - phobeo at ieee dot org
> sdesc: "Joe's Own Editor - the world-famous Wordstar-like text editor"
> ldesc: "Joe's Own Editor id a Wordstar-like console-based user-friendly
> WYSIWYG ASCII-text editor. It is a common alternative in the UNIX world
> to editors such as vi and Emacs. It includes syntax highlightning for
> various programming languages.
> You can visit JOE's project page at:
> http://"
> category: Editors
> requires: cygwin terminfo libncurses libiconv
> -- end setup.hint --
> Please contact me if you think it's OK to include this package in Cygwin
> and/or if any changes are needed


Can you also post links to the prospective packages? We need to verfiy that
they follow packaging standards and work on a variety of systems, not just
the one one which they were compiled.

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