Please *wait* before sending cygwin-announce messages

John Morrison
Thu Dec 8 09:00:00 GMT 2005

Just as a thought, could the announcement be a text file contained in the
package?  That could be extracted by upset(?) and sent when it detects the
new version?

This would have the benefits that

1) the GTG could check for its existance
2) the email would never be sent until the package was available
3) folks shouldn't forget to send the email (the only thing that they
might forget to do is update it)
4) the text file could be appended with the unsubscribe information before
it was sent.
5) the package script (sorry Igor can't remember what it's called atm)
could either check for its existance or create a stub or... something
automated ;)

I know that it'd mean changing some programs/scripts (esp upset) but what
do you think to the idea?


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