Needing a debug version of setup.exe

Igor Pechtchanski
Sat Dec 10 00:13:00 GMT 2005

On Fri, 9 Dec 2005, Doug Wyatt wrote:

> I'm trying to obtain a version of setup.exe that I can use with
> insight/gdb to investigate a problem with a Cygwin repository created
> within our Company's LAN.
> Since I recently updated our repository, setup.exe just crashes.  This
> is with setup.ini created with the last original Upset from the infra
> directory, also with a more recently acquired upset (v1.0.5, slightly
> modified to fix some category related problems).
> I've tried to acquire Setup source from cvs, with variations on the
> following, over the last few weeks:
> $ export
> $ cvs login
>   Logging in to
> CVS password: [anoncvs]
>   cvs [login aborted]: connect to
>   failed: Connection timed out

Could have been a temporary glitch, or something with your firewall -- I
just executed this command with no problems (except that I changed
/cvs/src to /cvs/cygwin-apps, of course, and used
instead of, but neither of those should matter).

> $ cvs -z3 -d \
>   checkout setup
> cvs [checkout aborted]: connect to
>   failed: Connection timed out
> Has something changed with respect to cvs access to Setup.exe source
> code, or is this a manifestation of my cvs cluelessness?

Not that I know of...  Can you "telnet 2401"?  I've also
found that the -z flag didn't work for me on occasion -- did you try an
uncompressed checkout?

> Can someone please tell me how to get the Setup source code for the
> current stable version?

If all else fails, you can always try browsing CVS via the ViewCVS page...
But that isn't very useful for getting a buildable source...
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