ATTN: cvs maintainer please upgrade from 1.11.x to 1.12.9

Dave Korn
Fri Dec 16 10:34:00 GMT 2005

Charles Wilson wrote:
> Jari Aalto wrote:
>> The CVS in Cygwin is rather old. The problematic in it is, that
>> it does not work in environments where all traffic must go through SQUID
>> proxy. 
>> The support was added 1.12.7 and Debian includes 1.12.9 (unstable)
> Somebody is going to have to persuasively make the case that we should
> be using the "feature" (e.g. unstable development, 1.12.x) version of
> CVS, rather than the "stable" (1.11.x) version.

  Well, if you don't want the hassle of packaging it separately, it could be
the test version for a while, couldn't it?

> Saying that Debian __unstable__ distributes the 1.12.x version doesn't
> quite do that.

  How about the fact that "cvs import" behaves in an insane and manglicious[*]
fashion unless tamed by the new -X option available in 1.12.10+ ?


[*] - All opinions deeply subjective ;-)
Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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