ATTN: cvs maintainer please upgrade from 1.11.x to 1.12.9

Jari Aalto
Tue Dec 20 13:11:00 GMT 2005

Charles Wilson <> writes:

| Jari Aalto wrote:
| > The CVS in Cygwin is rather old. The problematic in it is, that
| > it does not work in environments where all traffic must go through
| > SQUID proxy.
| > The support was added 1.12.7 and Debian includes 1.12.9 (unstable)
| Somebody is going to have to persuasively make the case that we should
| be using the "feature" (e.g. unstable development, 1.12.x) version of
| CVS, rather than the "stable" (1.11.x) version.
| Saying that Debian __unstable__ distributes the 1.12.x version doesn't
| quite do that.

The reason was at the beginning. In corporate environment, the 1.xx
cannot be used due to Proxy restrictions. It would be good if there
were, as mentioned in other post, a "test" version that people could


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