Soong, SylokeJ
Tue Jun 14 15:59:00 GMT 2005

I used cygwin for the first time since three years ago when it seemed quite
different from now. It could have been longer.

I find the intention of the interface commendable but its implementation

Normally, I choose FTP over HTTP for downloading. That's a mistake here,
because the cygwin setup UI made me spend 15 minutes choosing and
unchoosing. The FTP connection timed out a few times. Setup.exe would not
renew the connection. I had to restart setup.exe. So it's pointless to have
FTP mirrors when setup.exe make them (to use an oft overused
adjective/adverb, virtually) inaccessible. I put on a computer gaming
warrior attitude trying to race my selecting/deselecting download items
against the FTP time-out (How to play computer games in the office under
your bosses' noses without them realising). I finally admitted defeat and
switched to HTTP download to enable me to continue towards a more
responsible life-style in the office.

If you had used starz movie download, you could unselect/cancel
items while the download is going on. I had to stop and restart setup.exe a
few times yesterday because, I suddenly realised I didn't want gnomes or
ghosts which would have increased my download time by a quarter. A HTML set
of forms with explanatory links to select/unselect items and then a final
checkout list. The checkout list has dependencies listed, with unselected
dependencies warnings. Also with file sizes so that I could return to
select/unselect to meet my total download size budget I had in mind.

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    Hi Max, Brian, et al.  (Hi Al!)

  Is the new version of setup coming from HEAD or from the old release
branch?  I notice that most of the recent changes appear to be on mainline,
but don't know if they're on the branch too.  As a side issue, is it really
worth releasing from branches for this application?  It's not like we want
to carry on maintaining old versions for years the way we do with gcc or
binutils, so I can't see a great deal of value in it myself, but other
people's M may of course V.

  The reason I ask is because, at least on mainline, I just noticed that the
V scrollbar on the chooser page doesn't get resized if you resize the
window.  (It does if you select any of the radio buttons or expand/contract
a tree entry or otherwise provoke a full redraw).

  Oh, and one other little thing: my expectations were lightly confounded
when I ticked the box saying "Hide obsolete and administrative packages",
and the "Admin" category remained stubbornly visible at the top of the
chooser.  Perhaps there's a better word we could use than "administrative"?
"Infrastructure", perhaps?

  <columbo> Oh, there was _just_ _one_ _more_ thing...... </columbo>
Selecting (or unselecting) the "Hide obsolete" tickbox resets all your
selections in the chooser.  I take it this is an inadvertent side-effect
rather than a matter of necessity?

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