keychain and bash up for grabs?

Corinna Vinschen
Thu Mar 3 20:56:00 GMT 2005

On Mar  3 15:28, Christopher Faylor wrote:
> It seems like we are missing maintainers for keychain and bash.  There
> have been bugs reported against each with no responses from maintainers.
> Private email to the bash maintainer seems to bounce.
> So, unless Corinna objects or there is a clarification of the status of
> these packages by tomorrow, these packages are looking for someone
> to maintain them.

No objections as far as bash is concerned, this already takes too long.
Just in case of keychain I think we should give Hack another two weeks
or so.

> Any vict... volunteers?

Karl M is interested to take over keychain, we discussed this on the
cygwin ML already.

Any takers for bash?


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