generic-build-script extension to update version numbers in README

Christian Franke
Sat Nov 19 14:45:00 GMT 2005

Igor Pechtchanski wrote:

>>P.S. It'd be a different story if we were using an 'engine' with
>>external overrides, like mingwports or cgf's netrel(?) -- then mods to
>>the engine to provide new features would be distinct from the
>>package-specific overrides. But gbs ain't like that.
>What's stopping us from trying to get there?  Anything specific to the
>nature of the g-b-s?  One way to address this may be defining more
>functions like "unpack()" to contain the pluggable/overridable behavior.

What would you think about an autoconf-like approach generating a 
"" script from some "" (yes, no version).

Then fixes and new features will be added to only one generation tool 
(autogbs ?-)) which can be part of a standard Cygwin package managed by 
The generator can check the actual structure of the source tree to 
create a smaller build-script.

New features can be opt'ed in by directives in the script 
if desired.
Like with autoconf, it would be possibled to do special hacks by 
including shell code verbatim.

The can be put in the CVS of maintainer or be part of 
projects sourcecode (e.g. as some


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