[Patch] g-b-s: New command: upgrade-self.

Buzz cygwin-apps.buzz@bavag.tmfweb.nl
Tue Nov 22 21:29:00 GMT 2005

Op Tue, 22 Nov 2005 07:53:19 +0100 schreef Christian Franke
in <4382C05F.1030105<at>t-online.de>:
:  Bas van Gompel wrote:

[`upgrade-self' command]
:  I like the idea having some semi-automatic function to update the build 
:  script, but:

Some IMO's are missing here, IMO. :-|

:  - It should be in a separate script

That is against the general spirit of g-b-s AIUI. The function may
well be moved into a `modules'-file when that materializes, though,

:  Note that "no merge conflict" does not imply "no problem", is does even 
:  not imply "no syntax error".

Error-checking may be improved... a test-run, calling ``version'',
perhaps? (SHTDI)

Worst case: One has to do it the old-fashioned way. (Like it is now.)

:  - It should be possible to update scripts from local directory (like 
:  setup.exe provides)

Touch (an existing) /usr/share/gbs/generic-build-script-HEAD for that,
and hope your current version is already there.

:  So the cvs update and merge part should be separate functions.

If you think so. SHTDI

:  BTW: why not put g-b-s and such additional support scripts in a package?



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