ITP: bzr -- Next-generation distributed GNU Arch compatible version control (Python)

Jari Aalto
Thu Sep 8 08:12:00 GMT 2005

Jari Aalto <> writes:

| This is very promising arch replacement. See
| [ATTACHMENT: setup.hint]
| sdesc: "Next-generation distributed GNU Arch compatible version control."
| ldesc: "Distributed version control system that is powerful, friendly, and
| scalable inplemented in Python."
| category: Net
| requires: cygwin python

Bazaar-ng had released new version, so here is update. This version
control software is comparable to monotone - but much easier to use.


1) Traditional
  wget --non-verbose        \ \ \ \ \

2) Or do this (this downloads GPG key and verifies the integrity)

  gpg --keyserver --recv-keys 955A92D8

  mkdir bzr ; cd bzr
  rm -f
  wget -q \

  gpg --verify &&

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