[ANNOUNCEMENT] Cygwin setup.exe bugfix release 2.510.2.2

Igor Pechtchanski pechtcha@cs.nyu.edu
Thu Sep 8 17:12:00 GMT 2005

On Thu, 8 Sep 2005, Brian Dessent wrote:

> Igor Pechtchanski wrote:
> > What about the two patches for the problems Eric reported?
> Oh, and about the "disable version warning switch" patch:
> It seems a bit much to add a switch for what is mostly a developer-only
> feature, when you can just hand edit setup_version.c if need be.  Though
> I could see it coming in handy.

Well, I initially figured it'd be a developer-only feature, but then
realized that it would also be useful for people who have a "working"
setup.exe and don't want the latest (like in the recent problem with
crashes).  Besides, suppose setup lives on a network drive, and updates
from a local mirror -- there may be version check problems there too.

> However, I think the larger question is do we *really* need a release
> branch?  I only did it this time because it seems to be established
> procedure, but I see no real reason to continue it.


> I guess it made sense in prior times when there were destabilising
> changes being made on HEAD, but is this something that's still relevent?

Well, destabilizing changes *are* made to HEAD occasionally, but testing
is the way to deal with those...  I'd suggest tagging each release, but
only converting the tag to a branch for back-ported fixes from the trunk.
That way, regular releases will have the trunk versions, and only the
patched one get the 4-digit branch versions.  I don't think we need a
specialized release branch.
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