Command 'more': missing dll cygpcre.dll [Attn more maintainer]

Eric Blake
Thu Sep 15 13:14:00 GMT 2005

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According to Joshua Daniel Franklin on 9/14/2005 7:10 PM:
> I did that 'more' release as part of getting together some packages for
> a minimal but still somewhat useful Cygwin installation. I like 'less'
> and have never actually used 'more'. I'd actually prefer if we could 
> symlink it to 'less' for the people who are used to it and drop the 
> separate package.
> Anyway, thanks for the upload but I guess I'm still MIA. :)

Sorry if my upload without waiting for your reply was too hasty, but it
appears no harm was done.  On closer inspection of /usr/src/more*/more.c,
you did list yourself as the person porting to cygwin, and I should have
realized that you are still actively on the cygwin lists.

Meanwhile, cygwin less is at 381, but upstream less 382 is out (although says there is no need to upgrade);
and looking at /usr/src/less-381-1, I can't see a maintainer there either.
 Who maintains less, and are they willing to make a new release of less
that includes /bin/more as a link to less, so that we can obsolete the
more package in favor of less?  This time, I won't be so hasty (with more,
I figured that 3 years of inactivity warranted an instant upgrade).

To summarize, should cygwin follow the maxim 'less is more'? :)

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