Brian Ford Brian.Ford@flightsafety.com
Thu Sep 15 22:33:00 GMT 2005

On Thu, 15 Sep 2005, Harold L Hunt II wrote:

> Brian Ford wrote:
> > We must have a mis-communication here.
> >
> > I told you (as quoted below) that my build of your unmodified
> > lesstif-0.94.4 package worked for all our in-house applications as well as
> > nedit.
> >
> > I suspected that you were using an outdated compiler or binutils package,
> > and that was what caused your nedit issue.
> Hmm... no, I confirmed back, I believe, that I had the latest compiler
> and binutils and I think we left it at that.

Sorry, I never received any more communication from you after the message
I quoted.  Although, I did ping you once about a month later.  Again,
there was no response.  I was about to ping again when I saw this message.

> Since there is confusion about what is on both of our machines, the best
> thing for you to do would be to take a clean Windows image under VMWare,
> install Cygwin on it,

I don't have access to VMWare, or the time to build a Windows system with
Cygwin from scratch for this.  That really seems silly to me.  Isn't a
comparison of cygcheck output all that should be necessary to determine
any differences?

Alternatively, we could get an impartial third party opinion (ie. have
someone else do a source build of lesstif-0.94.4, and check it with

> compile the two packages and see what happens.

I only compiled the one (lesstif) and had the old nedit use the resulting
cygXm-2.dll (confirmed by cygcheck output).  That is all that's required.

> Make sure that you do more with nedit than just opening it up... you
> actually need to open some files and play around in order to get it to
> crash (sometimes).

If you want me to play around, you'll need to be more specific.  It opened
a file fine, and that's where I stopped.  I have now opened a few files,
done some edits, a few cut and pastes, a save, etc...  I don't use
nedit, thus I can't stress it much.

I am confused, though.  The crash you presented to me was one of not being
able to start nedit at all:

Date: Fri, 01 Jul 2005 17:09:32 -0700
From: Harold L Hunt
To: Brian.Ford
Subject: Re: lesstif update request


Nope, 0.94.4 doesn't work with nedit:

nedit.exe - Application Error
The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000005). Click on OK
to terminate the application.

> > Do you want to look into this, or do you just want to give lesstif to me?
> If you agree to some sort of verification that nedit works, its yours.
> No need to reply back, just take it if you agree.

I'll see about getting it packaged up soon.  My biggest hurdle will be the
one of finding an upload space.

> Harold "No need to CC me in replies" Hunt

I'm truly sorry about that.  I have gotten used to doing a reply all for
my normal mail here at work and did it out of habit.  I do honor Reply
To, though.  I noticed it, but thought you had asked for it with Reply
To.  My bad :-(.

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