libungif [Was: Re: [HEADSUP] ALL Maintainers, please reply.]

Lapo Luchini
Fri Sep 16 08:19:00 GMT 2005

Harold L Hunt II wrote:

> The README for both versions still lists you as the maintainer.

The evidence is on your side.
Moreover I am quite braindead at the moment (I've got a "nice -n -20
openoffice thesis.odt" process taking up most of it), and that makes
even easier for you to be right and me to remember wrong ;-)

> At this time I'd have to say that it doesn't make a lot of sense for me
> to become the maintainer, but I'd pick it up if the alternative was that
> it would be removed from the distro.

Actually, the same goes for me: ok that I'm not very interested in it,
but letting a package die seems too much of a shame to me.

BTW: but in September 2005 is there still a reason to have libUNgif?

> On June 20 <>, 2003
> <>, the United States patent on the
> LZW algorithm expired [2] <>,
> which means that Unisys and Compuserve can no longer collect royalties
> for use of the GIF format in that country. Those bothered with the
> patent enforcement dubbed this day GIF Liberation Day. The equivalent
> patents in Europe and Japan expired on June 18
> <> and June 20
> <>, 2004
> <> respectively, with the Canada
> patent following on July 7 <>.

Is it *still* active somewhere?

Oven the official homepage doesn't seem to mention any place where it is:

I guess it MAY really be time to let libungif die, afterall, to be
followed by libgif, of course.
(another argument, of course, may state that it is better to use a
"crippled" library, as this eases the process of migrating to newer and
better formats, but I guess that by today if one is still using GIF he
probably got a legacy software problem and, well, knows what he really

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