Adding a "Maintainer: " field to setup.hint

Jari Aalto
Fri Sep 16 11:52:00 GMT 2005 (Eric Blake) writes:
| >   Maintainer: Chris Faylor
| > Orphaned packages would be changed to either "Orphaned" or "Up for Grabs"
| > or "MIA".
| I'd go for "Orphaned".

Yes, make it read "Orphaned"
| Also, the package maintainence instructions should be updated
| to state that once you are a maintainer, you are considered to
| be the maintainer until you provide a new setup.hint changing
| the Maintainer: field, or when a request to reach you on the
| cygwin-apps list goes unanswered for a period of time (6 weeks,
| like the current maintainer poll?).

It would be nice if the package listing page

would read:

      package   uploaded  maintainer description
      -------   --------  ---------- --------------

Especially the "uoloaded" would hold YYYY-MM-DD which could be checked
easily for packages that havenät touched for long time. Perhaps a
script could even send periodic messages after 6 months of no activity
or update to ping the situation.

| Should we also have some sort of timeout policy on obsolete
| packages, where once a package has been in the _obsolete
| category for at least 2 years (or some other time length) it is
| automatically a candidate for removal from the distro?

Again a script to could watch the upload time and send t this list:

      Subject: NOTICE: foo-1.2.4 has been expired 2 year limit, up for grabs


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