FW: setup: how to handle circular dependencies?

Dave Korn dave.korn@artimi.com
Fri Sep 16 14:30:00 GMT 2005

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>From: Dave Korn
>Sent: 16 September 2005 14:23

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>> From: Gerrit P. Haase
>> Sent: 16 September 2005 14:14
>> Hi Setup maintainers,
>> I need some circular dependencies, i.e. gcc-core requires gcc-core-mingw
>> because -mno-cygwin will not work without the mingw version of the gcc
>> runtime.  However, the gcc-core-mingw package only includes the runtime
>> which needs gcc-core to be useful.
>> Maybe I should include the mingw gcc runtimes in the main gcc packages?
>   I can't see the use in having them separate if gcc-core-mingw is really
> no use whatsoever on its own.  Perhaps someone else can think of a
> reason?  

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