setup: how to handle circular dependencies?

Eric Blake
Fri Sep 16 17:10:00 GMT 2005

> (*) Hmm.  This is a pretty complex operation.  Maybe we should have an 
> "uninstall cygwin completely" application?  Or at least a FAQ listing 
> these steps?  My guess:

Isn't there already one?

>     from a bash window:
>     cygrunsrv -L
>     foreach entry: cygrunsrv -E X; cygrunsrv -R X

or in more readable, executable syntax:

for serv in `cygrunsrv --list` inetd ; do
  cygrunsrv --stop $serv
  cygrunsrv --remove $serv

By the way, I've always been a bit annoyed that inetd is not like
all other cygwin services, so that it doesn't show in cygrunsrv's list.

[Nasty - cygrunsrv --help prints to stderr and fails with exit status
1 - that should be fixed.]

>     close window.
>     using setup, uninstall X-start-menu-icons, if installed.
>     ? how to programmatically remove the non-X cygwin start menu stuff ?

singular also installs start menu icons, these days.

>     using Windows Explorer, delete entire cygwin root folder
>     Still have to manually remove cygwin keys in registry -- both HKLM 
> and in HKCU.
> Icky.
> --
> Chuck

Eric Blake

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