[not GTG] Re: ITP: bogofilter -- Statistical Bayesian spam filter

Eric Blake ericblake@comcast.net
Sat Sep 17 08:43:00 GMT 2005

> | -Install() only creates /etc/bogofilter.cf once, but if the user does not
> | touch this file, then when they upgrade bogofilter, they should get the
> | latest and greated bogofilter.cf instead of being stuck with the one from
> | their first download.
> This is a problem that I have no solution. Can you share your thoughts
> how this could be done intelligently? The problem I see is:
>    If /etc/xxx.conf is already there, there is no way knowing if this
>    has remained the same or if user has made changes to it. The new
> Cygwin does not have conflict resolution of /etc/ file like seen in Debian,
> so it is more safer to just let user to check under /usr/share/doc/<package>
> for new features.

This really ought to be documented better on the packaging instructions
page.  The trick is to use a preremove script (see how base-files does
it, for example).  A file named /etc/preremove/bogofilter.sh will be
called just before the package is uninstalled (setup.exe uninstalls
the old version before installing the upgraded version), so in that
script, if /etc/xxx.conf exists and is identical to /usr/share/doc/xxx.template,
just delete it.  But if it differs at all, leave it alone.

Also, it is a good idea to have a file /etc/preremove/bogofilter-manifest.lst,
which lists every file that was created by the postinstall script, and which
will be removed on preremove if untouched by the user.  Someday,
'cygcheck -c' might parse the manifest lists to help diagnose if
postinstalls have not completed.

> I've rolled up new archive.

I'll let you get the preremove script in first, before checking out the
new package.  Thanks for putting up with my nit-picking :)

Eric Blake

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