libming and ploticus (Attn: SWI-Prolog maintainer)

Igor Pechtchanski
Mon Sep 26 14:31:00 GMT 2005

On Mon, 26 Sep 2005, Andrew Schulman wrote:

> OK, I won't worry about SWF for now.
> > I would be happy if you would like to propose it, but not so happy if
> > you leave out the prefabs, docs, samples and testsuite.
> prefabs and docs, definitely.  Samples and testsuite, sure, why not.

First off, thank you for packaging ploticus.

IMO, the testsuite can definitely be omitted.  The samples could be useful
(in /usr/share/ploticus*).

> > I forgot if Bitstream Vera is in any other package yet. package-grep
> > doesn't find it. Should be so.
> Sorry, I don't find these or any other fonts in the ploticus source.  Where
> do they come from?  Does ploticus depend on them?  Just for SWF, or for
> other formats too?  Should they go into a font package instead?

I would suggest just creating separate fonts package(s?), if you can
figure out where the fonts come from...

> > Maybe like this?
> > /usr/bin/ploticus.exe
> >
> >    test -f /usr/bin/pl || ln -s /usr/bin/ploticus /usr/bin/pl
> Or how about this:
>   rm -f /usr/bin/pl
>   ln -s /usr/bin/ploticus /usr/bin/pl
> :)  Just kidding... but how annoying that Prolog has already
> claimed /usr/bin/pl... what the heck is Prolog anyway?  Is anyone using it?

Yes, it's a filename clash -- we had those before.  The solution would be
for *both* packages to provide a uniquely-named executable and a
postinstall script that would create a symlink.  Then the nature of
/usr/bin/pl would depend on the order of package installation (actually,
the order of postinstall script execution).

> Seriously though, under your proposal, if a user installed ploticus and
> then later installed SWI-Prolog, would it cause a problem that
> /usr/bin/pl already existed?

Well, it wouldn't in a sense that you'd have both /usr/bin/pl and
/usr/bin/pl.exe (the latter will shadow the former).  But you'd definitely
need to coordinate with the maintainer of SWI-Prolog (Corinna?) to add
those postinstall scripts together.
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