g-b-s patch - dependency calculation

Igor Pechtchanski pechtcha@cs.nyu.edu
Tue Sep 27 16:27:00 GMT 2005

On Tue, 27 Sep 2005, Eric Blake wrote:

> > You also included a few whitespace changes in your patch -- while I don't
> > mind cleanups, it would've been nice to explicitly mention them.  Also,
> > your RE to detect dependencies ('/^  [[:alpha:]]/') seems wrong -- IMO,
> > it'll miss DLLs that start with digits or underscores.  I've changed it
> > accordingly (to '/^  [A-Za-z0-9_]/') and checked in the patch with that
> > change.
> Neither version is correct.  Cygcheck output is the absolute windows
> pathname, indented by spaces according to the depth of the
> dependency.  My regex was looking for exactly two spaces, followed
> by a drive letter (the exact two spaces was the important part, as
> that is what determines the direct dependencies).

Ok, that makes sense.  I didn't remember that those were full pathnames.
I do seem to recall seeing .\smth.dll in there at times.

> Your regex also looks for 1:\ and _:\, but since drive 1 and drive _
> don't exist, it was a pointless change!

Right, since those are drives.

> What we did wrong, however, was forgetting about UNC pathnames on the
> PATH.  So the corrected regex should be either:
> '/^  [A-Za-z\\]/'
> or:
> '/^  [\\[:alpha:]]/'
> or:
> '/^  [^ ]/'

I like the last one.  I'll make the change.

> By the way, now that I have an upload account, am I allowed to
> make CVS checkins for g-b-s?

I think you need to be explicitly given checkin privileges to the
cygwin-apps tree (CGF gives those out, IIRC).  However, even if you get
them, I'd prefer if you ran every patch by me (on this list) before
checking it in, anyway.

> I don't have employer copyright
> disclaimer, so I know that I can't touch the winsup tree, but I
> was under the impression that the cygwin-apps tree (including
> g-b-s) have looser checkin rules.

Right, you don't need a copyright assignment for the cygwin-apps tree.
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