[ITP] Minor updates to singular-share, singular-help

Oliver Wienand wienand@rhrk.uni-kl.de
Fri Sep 30 11:17:00 GMT 2005

>>this updates had not become a version change in the Linux/Unix distro, 
>>therefore I just used the Cygwin release counter.
> Sorry, but I don't quite understand it.  Is it really ok to have new
> help and share packages w/o also bumping the base packages?  When
> you created these new packages, you certainly used new sources, too.
> So, where are at least the matching source?

I am not familiar with how things should be.

As fas as I know there are real changes only in the libraries and 
therefore in the help. Also I have redesigned the chm file. Of course 
these changes are also reflected in the current source.

But in the instruction for package maintainers there is a passage 
stating the source version must match the binary version. This would 
mean, that I must also upload the base package, whenever there is a 
change in the shares, help or icons, to keep the sources uptodate.

This is no more work for me, because locally I always created all packages.

I have also uploaded the base bins and sources at:



Oliver Wienand

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