CVS setup.exe crashes on Windows 2003 Server x64

Max Bowsher
Sat Jan 13 17:30:00 GMT 2007

Thrall, Bryan wrote:
> ... And in fact, disabling DEP for setup.exe fixes the problem. So, it
> looks like setup.exe is trying to execute some memory that Windows
> thinks it shouldn't be (the invalid this pointer, probably, but why then
> is it invalid at that point and valid after the segfault?).

Setup.exe does contain some self-modifying code.  It is in the file
autoload.c, and deals with automatic loading of certain DLLs not present
 on all Windows versions.

Glancing at it, it looks very 32-bit specific. It seems fairly
miraculous that it works at all on LP64, actually, considering it casts
pointers to int.


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