cygport-0.9.2 in release-2

Andrew Schulman
Wed Sep 17 13:19:00 GMT 2008

> * Installs documentation into /usr/share/doc/PACKAGE.

Thank you, I can now remove my custom dodoc() function that did this for me.

> If there are any changes you want to see in cygport, please let me know
> ASAP; I would like to have the major changes out of the way this month,
> so that cygport isn't a moving target once everything is ready for a 1.7
> rebuild.

For a long time now I've patched every release of cygport with the attached
patch, that adds the src_prep_fini_hook(), src_install_init_hook(), and
src_install_fini_hook() hook functions.  Charles Wilson originally posted a
patch for this about 2 years ago

I used to use src_install_fini_hook(), but I don't think I have any packages
that need it any more.  I don't think I've ever used src_install_init_hook(), so
maybe it's less important.

src_prep_fini_hook(), OTOH, I use in almost all of my packages.  If cygport
doesn't supply it, I'll continue to patch cygport to provide it for my own use.
I know that cygport now provides src_patch_hook() and src_unpack_hook(), but
both of those functions are run before origsrc is mirrored to src, so it's not
possible to use them to modify src and not origsrc.  For me they don't do the

This patch is against cygport 0.9.0.  If you think that all or part of it is
worth incorporating, I'd be glad to update it for 0.9.2 and address any style or
other issues.

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