cygport-0.9.2 in release-2

Charles Wilson
Wed Sep 17 16:47:00 GMT 2008

Andrew Schulman wrote:

> For a long time now I've patched every release of cygport with the attached
> patch, that adds the src_prep_fini_hook(), src_install_init_hook(), and
> src_install_fini_hook() hook functions.  Charles Wilson originally posted a
> patch for this about 2 years ago
> (

Current versions of cygport have a modified form of (some) of these hooks.

check out 'src_patch_hook', 'src_unpack_hook'.  The only remaining hook
that I currently use, but which is not in stock cygport, is
src_postinst_hook. Patch (against old 3.10) attached.


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