cygport-0.9.2 in release-2

Andrew Schulman
Wed Sep 17 16:54:00 GMT 2008

> > For a long time now I've patched every release of cygport with the attached
> > patch, that adds the src_prep_fini_hook(), src_install_init_hook(), and
> > src_install_fini_hook() hook functions.  Charles Wilson originally posted a
> > patch for this about 2 years ago
> > (
> Current versions of cygport have a modified form of (some) of these hooks.
> check out 'src_patch_hook', 'src_unpack_hook'. 

Thanks, but as I explained, src_patch_hook() and src_unpack_hook() are both
called before origsrc is copied to src.  So, they're unable to modify src
separately from origsrc.  This matters, because when cygport generates the
cygwin.patch file, it compares origsrc to src, so changes made to both are not
reflected in the patch.

For this reason, I find src_prep_fini_hook() essential for several of my


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