I could not still install octave-3.0.2-2 by setup.exe

Marco Atzeri marco_atzeri@yahoo.it
Fri Sep 19 11:41:00 GMT 2008

--- Tatsuro MATSUOKA  ha scritto:

> Hello
> cgf wrote:**********
> I've fixed this but, in the future, these types of
> problems should be
> reported to cygwin-apps, not just mentioned in a
> long thread with a
> non-descriptive Subject.
> ***********

you misunderstood CGF.
He was rightly remembering me that
any settings problem of setup.ini
should be discussed here.

> in 
> http://cygwin.com/ml/cygwin/2008-09/msg00422.html
> Reference 
> http://cygwin.com/ml/cygwin/2008-09/msg00408.html
> http://cygwin.com/ml/cygwin/2008-09/msg00412.html
> http://cygwin.com/ml/cygwin/2008-09/msg00413.html
> Apparantly cygwin setup went well, however no
> component of octave-3.0.2-2 is installed.
> I cannot indicate what is wrong.

Than for us is difficult to help you :-)

I just reinstalled all the octave package from
So I doubt it is a problem of my packages
or an issue of setup.exe.

> So I installed manually octave-3.0.2-2 from bz2
> files downloaded from the mirror site.
> However it is difficult to do for beginners.
> Any ideas to solve this?
> Regards
> Tatsuro 


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