[ITA] ocaml

Steven Monai steve+cygwin@monai.ca
Fri Feb 12 05:05:00 GMT 2010

On 2010/02/11 1:36 PM, Ed Keith wrote:
> I would like to put the the source package out so people can find any
> errors I may have made, but I do not have anywhere where I can park
> such a large file. Does anyone have any suggestions?

There are a number sites out there that will host an open-source
project's file repository for free. Three off the top of my head:
launchpad, github, google code. I haven't tried any of them (yet), but
they would seem to be a logical place for hosting contributions to
Cygwin, provided you are comfortable using a version control system like
bzr, git, or svn.


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