setup and mintty (was Re: New setup.exe release?)

Thomas Wolff
Wed May 25 07:55:00 GMT 2011

Am 25.05.2011 09:43, schrieb Andy Koppe:
> ...
> Ah, sorry, I didn't realise that the desktop shortcut at the moment
> was simply called "Cygwin" rather than "Cygwin Bash Shell". I suppose
> that could just stay like that actually.
> Also, since the start menu shortcut already is inside the "Cygwin"
> folder, just "Terminal" rather than "Cygwin Terminal" would be nice
> and crisp there.
I think common usage is to give shortcuts rather a complete name. That's 
also better if people move them around, placing a copy on the desktop etc.
And since bash shell runs in both command windows (is that a common 
name?), I think the previous proposal "Cygwin Console" and "Cygwin 
Terminal" is the best to distinguish them.

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