setup and mintty (was Re: New setup.exe release?)

Corinna Vinschen
Wed May 25 15:52:00 GMT 2011

On May 25 09:54, Thomas Wolff wrote:
> Am 25.05.2011 09:43, schrieb Andy Koppe:
> >...
> >Ah, sorry, I didn't realise that the desktop shortcut at the moment
> >was simply called "Cygwin" rather than "Cygwin Bash Shell". I suppose
> >that could just stay like that actually.
> >
> >Also, since the start menu shortcut already is inside the "Cygwin"
> >folder, just "Terminal" rather than "Cygwin Terminal" would be nice
> >and crisp there.
> I think common usage is to give shortcuts rather a complete name.
> That's also better if people move them around, placing a copy on the
> desktop etc.
> And since bash shell runs in both command windows (is that a common
> name?), I think the previous proposal "Cygwin Console" and "Cygwin
> Terminal" is the best to distinguish them.

I'm wondering if renaming the shortcuts is wise.

New users should get the new shortcuts, but what about users who just
update Cygwin?  If we rename the shortcuts, existing users will
have both check buttons in the last dialog checked again, even if they
already had installed the "old" shortcuts before.

Alternatively setup could test for the old and the new shortcut names,
and only install if neither the old, nor the new ones exist.


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