[ITP] amanda 3.3.2

Mark O'Keefe mark_okeefe@mac.com
Thu Sep 6 12:18:00 GMT 2012

Version of amanda for cygwin.
Available for gentoo:  http://packages.gentoo.org/package/app-backup/amanda
Available for debian:  http://packages.debian.org/squeeze/amanda-server
The version 3.3.2 is the latest stable version.

sdesc: "AMANDA Network Backup program"
ldesc: "AMANDA, the Advanced Maryland Automatic Network Disk Archiver,
is a backup solution that allows the IT administrator to set up a single
master backup server to back up multiple hosts over network to tape
drives/changers or disks or optical media. Amanda uses native utilities
and formats (e.g. dump and/or GNU tar) and can back up a large number of
servers and workstations running multiple versions of Linux or Unix.
Amanda uses a native Windows client to back up Microsoft Windows desktops
and servers."
category: Archive
requires: bash bzip2 gzip xz tar perl libffi4 libgcc1 libglib2.0_0 libiconv2 libint18 libncursesw10 libpcre1 libreadline7 libssp0 cygwin

wget \
	http://my-cygwin-amanda.googlecode.com/files/setup.hint \
	http://my-cygwin-amanda.googlecode.com/files/amanda-3.3.2-4.tar.bz2 \

NOTE:  The current version of tar (1.25) available from cygwin is broken and doesn't work for amanda :-(  I've created a patch for the 1.26 version of tar to create a working amanda installation on my machine.  Not sure how to get the current maintainer to update the official version to 1.26.

The packages is currently setup as server and client together.  I haven't tried splitting it into parts like debian does.

On 06/09/2012, at 9:24 PM, Mark O'Keefe wrote:

> Thanks Marco.
> I had subscribed to this list and attempted to post an ITP there, however I have received no answer and the posts don't go through.  I've also tried the list owner to no avail.
> Thanks for the comment on category.  I will fix that.  I changed it as a suggestion thinking to ask about it.
> Cheers,
> Mark.
>> cygwin-apps is the right place for ITP.
>> If you plan to become a package maintainer you must join that
>> mailing list. Follow-up there please
>> After you ITP someone of the other maintainers will look on your
>> proposal, verify your package and give a GTG or suggest some changes
>> and/or improvement.
>> The instruction at http://cygwin.com/setup.html
>> are correct IMHO, so at least the category "Backup"
>> should be changed. From the instructions:
>> "Please do not invent a new category without checking with the cygwin-apps mailing list first. As of this writing, the current categories are:
>> Accessibility    Admin    Archive    Audio    Base    Comm
>> Database    Devel    Doc    Editors    Games    Gnome
>> Graphics    Interpreters    Libs    Mail    Math    Mingw
>> Net    Perl    Python    Publishing    Science    Shells
>> System    Text    Utils    Web    X11"
>> I guess Archive fit in the Amanda scope.
>> REgards
>> Marco

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