[ITA] _autorebase

Achim Gratz Stromeko@nexgo.de
Sun Dec 14 17:52:00 GMT 2014

Ken Brown writes:
> I just noticed a couple of things about the base address.  First, you
> have a typo in line 4 of rebaselst (missing 'd').

I'll fix that before the actual release.  Unless someone defines
BaseAddress in the environment this doesn't poase a problem, though.

> Second, you use a default base address of 0x70000000 on both arches,
> but rebaseall uses 0x400000000 on x86_64.

I haven't really seen why I'd need a different base address for x86_64
and the past two years of me using that base address locally provide at
least some justification.  I don't know where the values used in
rebaseall came from, though, but I'm reasonably sure that they've been
added to rebaseall after I've switched to rebaselst.  I don't mind
changing it to the same value as rebaseall, based on the the
architecture.  If anything that makes it easier to change the values
should the need arise.

> I also just noticed that rebaseall passes the --no-dynamicbase option
> to rebase. Maybe you should do the same, and then you could forget
> about the --noaslr option and unconditionally remove the call to
> peflags from rebase_do.

I'll have to see if I can dig out my notes from that time, but I think
it was both the ASLR and the TSAware flag that were creating problems
with some libraries (they are not supposed to have that latter flag set
anyway, but a handful of them did for whatever reason).  Adding
--no-dynamicbase is a good idea in any case since the code doesn't run
the peflags unconditionally anymore.

> Sorry about the constant nitpicking, but I only just thought of
> comparing your script to rebaseall.

No, actually it's good to have someone look at the code in depth and
thank you for doing this.

> I'm going to test this now, but I've already tested earlier versions,
> so I don't expect to find any problems.

I've replaced the packages with new versions having those fixes, please
have another look.

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