Moving on from Cygwin

David Stacey
Wed Jun 27 23:25:00 GMT 2018

On 27/06/18 23:09, SPC wrote:
> I have reviewed the list of packages maintained by David so far. I have
> identified three packages of simple maintenance at least in appearance:
> - mscgen
> - ninvaders
> - words

All of these are effectively dead upstream:

- The last release of 'mscgen' was in 2011. There have been a handful of 
commits since then [1], but nothing since January 2015. I carry some of 
these commits as patches. As well as being useful in its own right, 
mscgen is needed in Cygwin to provide the '\msc' command in doxygen.

- 'ninvaders' was last released in 2003(!). I include three patches - I 
neglected to note the source of these, but they were probably from Debian.

- 'words' is a dictionary from the Moby project. This doesn't exist 
anymore, and so the source file is pulled from a 2006 mirror on the 
Wayback Machine! I include a couple of patches from Fedora to correct 
some misspelled words and add the names of US presidents.

So the actual maintenance of these packages is going to be extremely 
light. There are unlikely to be any new upstream versions. You'll just 
need to rebuild them for any change in their dependencies, or to add 
patches from the major distros.

> I prefer to be cautious since I do not know the rules of maintenance and
> publication of packages under Cygwin. I would need to have information
> about it.
> On the other hand, any comment about the matter is appreciated and welcome.

Start here [2].

Hope this helps,


[1] -
[2] -

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