Moving on from Cygwin

Andrew Schulman
Thu Jun 28 19:24:00 GMT 2018

> > I've been a Cygwin package maintainer for nearly six years, and I've 
> > learned a lot in my time here. Special thanks to Corinna for leading the 
> > programme, and to Yaakov for somehow managing to maintain a ridiculous 
> > number of packages. Cygwin has made a big difference to so many users 
> > over the years. I know the work done here is genuinely appreciated by 
> > the community, and I wish the programme every success in the future.
> Thank you very much for your contributions over the years, and for being 
> willing to help make a smooth transition.  Much success in your future 
> endeavours.
> Andrew, could you please polish a gold watch in honour of David's 
> retirement?


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