Query for Net-SNMP using Cygwin

Modassir Khan modassir.khan2010@gmail.com
Sat Apr 25 18:54:10 GMT 2020

Dear Members,
I am using net-snmp package for cygwin to implement SNMP V3 support for
Windows 10 and Windows 2016.

In reference to the same, i wish to know if the complied Net-snmp package
is build with winextdll support?

Going through the following chapter for readme page I found


*Running Net-SNMP as a replacement for the Microsoft SNMP service *

Compiling Net-SNMP with the winExtDLL extension (MSVC)

When building with MSVC 6, the Microsoft Platform SDK is required. Note: the
most recent Platform SDK version that is still compatible with MSVC 6 is the
February 2003 edition. This edition is no longer available online but can be
ordered via http://mssdk.orderport.net/22221848/showall.asp.

Configure / nmake:

-add --with-winextdll to the Configure command line.


-in file win32\net-snmp\net-snmp-config.h modify
 /* #undef USING_WINEXTDLL_MODULE */ into the following:

*Thanks & Regards,*
*Modassir Ausaf Khan*
*Contact: +918860612357*

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