Updating glib2.0

Ken Brown kbrown@cornell.edu
Wed May 27 14:15:00 GMT 2020

On 5/23/2020 2:08 PM, Ken Brown via Cygwin-apps wrote:
> On 5/22/2020 7:18 PM, Ken Brown via Cygwin-apps wrote:
>> I've been planning to adopt gimp and some related build dependencies.  My 
>> reason is that I use gimp and would like to see it kept up to date.
>> I thought I had all the prerequisites I needed.  But when I built gimp, I 
>> discovered that it used two functions, g_set_weak_pointer and 
>> g_date_time_new_from_iso8601, that were introduced in glib-2.56.
>> [gimp's configure.ac says that it only requires glib 2.54.2, but this seems to 
>> be wrong.  Cygwin's glib is at 2.54.3.  Fedora's is at 2.64.3, which is the 
>> latest upstream release.]
>> I'd appreciate some advice about how to proceed.  I'm not interested in 
>> adopting all of GNOME, and it probably doesn't make sense for different 
>> components of GNOME to be adopted by different people.
>> A short-term solution (from my personal POV) would be for me to do a 
>> non-maintainer update of glib to 2.56, assuming that's doable without messing 
>> up other GNOME components.
>> A better solution (again from my personal POV) would be for someone to adopt 
>> GNOME and update it to its latest release.
> To focus the discussion a little better, I've built and installed 
> glib2.0-2.56.4.  My cygport file and patches are attached.  I can now build 
> gimp-2.10.18, and it seems to run fine in limited testing.

Sorry to keep replying to myself, but I have some further thoughts.

1. It's probably unrealistic to expect someone to adopt all the GNOME 
components.  If such a person existed, I think we would have heard from him/her 
by now.

2. I'm willing to adopt various components on an as-needed basis.  For example, 
since I want to update gimp and it needs an updated glib2.0, I'm willing to 
adopt the latter and update it to its latest release.  I've just started working 
on it and discovered that it needs an updated gtk-doc, so I'll plan on adopting 
that too.

3. I don't use the GNOME desktop environment, so I am not going to adopt 
packages like gnome-session, gnome-flashback, etc., which I can't easily test.

If no one objects, I'll continue sending ITAs and updating individual GNOME 
components as I need them.


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