Updating glib2.0

Achim Gratz Stromeko@Nexgo.DE
Thu May 28 11:20:17 GMT 2020

> 1. It's probably unrealistic to expect someone to adopt all the GNOME 
> components.  If such a person existed, I think we would have heard from 
> him/her by now.

Ideally that person would have some ties into the upstream development 
community as well.  It might be worth asking there directly if anybody 
has any points of contact already (I don't).

> 2. I'm willing to adopt various components on an as-needed basis.  For 
> example, since I want to update gimp and it needs an updated glib2.0, 
> I'm willing to adopt the latter and update it to its latest release.  
> I've just started working on it and discovered that it needs an updated 
> gtk-doc, so I'll plan on adopting that too.

I think the current way of adopting as needed and then immediately 
letting it fall into orphaned status again is better than doing nothing, 
but eventually we'll run into troublöe with that model.


(on the road :-)

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