setup-*.exe --help default explanation re -D/-L options [Was: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: setup (2.917)]

Jon Turney
Sun Feb 6 16:47:28 GMT 2022

On 01/02/2022 21:46, Adam Dinwoodie wrote:
> On Tue, Feb 01, 2022 at 04:53:47PM +0000, Jon Turney wrote:
>> Note that I tweaked the behaviour of this a bit in [1]
>> [1];a=commit;h=147fc15d0222e050779b18a209991c258d85944f
>> I think that makes the current help text accurately describe non-interactive
>> mode.
>> There are some cases in interactive mode which are obscure (e.g. '-M'
>> without '-D' or '-L' gets you whatever mode you used last time without
>> showing you what it was, but I'm not sure if that needs to be here.
> Ah, okay.  I think I hit this with `-M` and assumed -- evidently
> incorrectly -- that the same behaviour would exist for `-q`.  I agree
> the current text is entirely accurate for the fully non-interactive
> mode.
> I definitely see no harm in that approach, and I agreed that'd make
> things clearer again.  But, as above, I think the key thing from my
> perspective would be for `-M` and `-q` to have consistent behaviour.
  Yes, on reflection, I think that change isn't quite right, and '-M' 
should be handled the same as '-q' there (i.e. '-D' & '-L' is the 
default, unless explicitly specified otherwise)

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