Repost: Help porting cygwin to Alpha?

Richard Kandarian
Mon Mar 1 05:30:00 GMT 1999

I received no response to this message the first time I posted it.
It seems worth a second and final try.


I'd like to have cygwin on alpha. I'll do the work if it isn't too much (< 
80 hrs.) and I'll maintain it as long as I'm using alphas. Before I started 
in earnest I wanted to see if you subscribers to this list could offer any 
advice, comments, assistance, etc. I am new to cygwin and gcc internals 
though I think I am capable of making the port.

I have gotten some pointers from Geoffrey Noer, have tried out the port 
from and have the source for it. The guiduck port works pretty 
well but not as well as the current cygwin and I'd like to have the same 
stuff running on both alpha and intel.


Richard Kandarian
UNIX is software. MS Windows is hardware implemented in software.

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