Question about making changes...

Chris Faylor
Wed Mar 3 18:05:00 GMT 1999

On Wed, Mar 03, 1999 at 08:55:37PM -0800, wrote:
>Chris Faylor wrote:
>> The development sources are always "moving right along" and often we discuss
>> the changes we're making in the cygwin-developers mailing list.
>> You can easily find out what has changed by inspecting the ChangeLog entries.
>> That's one of the reasons DJ made the ChangeLog entries available.
>> I do appreciate the fact that you decided to pitch in and help but I am
>> somewhat mystified as to why you would expect sources that are 1.5
>> months old to be the correct place to start.  We provide the snapshots
>> to developers so that they can get the latest versions.  I realize that
>> it's not easy to keep up with a moving target but you should still look
>> for the latest and greatest if you are about to undertake making
>> changes.
>Well, that was part of the question...  I know that the snapshots are 
>	1) not always compilable to the DLL

The snapshots are not put up on the web unless they are compilable.  The
initial words on the web page mention this.

>	2) and reading the changelog, I did see that there were several
>function deleted and re-added and then deleted again in

I'm not sure what you're referring to here but it is sort of besides the
point.  There were lots of changes made to  They should all
have been mentioned in the ChangeLog.  One of the changes even dealt
with the problem you were trying to fix.

>	You have to start somwhere, and the stable sources from 1/15 seemed
>logical at the time.  I did download the snapshot from 2/22
>(cygwin-src-19990222.tar.gz) and it did not compile.  So somewhere btwn
>1/15 and 2/22 somthing broke.  It may have been a problem here.  At that
>time I wasn't able to dig into it further.
>	So it not really a complaint, but what to do....

What to do is to read the ChangeLog thoroughly before attempting to
fix a problem.

Incidentally, are you reporting a bug with the 1999-2-22 snapshot?  If
so, we'll need more details to determine why it is not building.  As I
mentioned the snapshots are verified as buildable before they are made
available so it is likely that you haven't downloaded everything you
need to build things.


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