Question about making changes...

John Fortin
Thu Mar 4 08:10:00 GMT 1999


        I wasn't asking you to debug my installation..  I t just seems strange to me
that I can successfully build the 1-15 snapshot, and yet when I try to build the
2-22 snapshot I get tons of errors.  I followed the exact same steps for both.

        Has something else changed that is not included in the snapshots, (i.e. new
headers, libraries, egcs (is 1.1.1 required ?)) Has your setup changed since that

        Are there addition steps required besides building newlib and winsup.  If
there are, I'll be happy to document and post it.  Is a clean or configuration
needed btwn snapshots.  The current instructions are sketchy at best.

        If anyone else can shed light on this, please do.

John Fortin

Chris Faylor wrote:

> I'm sorry but I really wasn't volunteering to debug your configuration problems.
> I would do it if I had the time but I don't.
> The fact that other people are managing to build snapshots leads me to believe
> that whatever problem you are having is local to your installation.  Possibly
> the other cygwin-developers will be able to help you figure this out.
> One hint that I can give is that you should always build everything in a
> directory which is different from the directory where you extracted the
> sources.  Also, make sure that you have the latest version of newlib,
> etc.  as well as the latest version of winsup.
> cgf
> On Wed, Mar 03, 1999 at 10:38:32PM -0800, wrote:
> >> Incidentally, are you reporting a bug with the 1999-2-22 snapshot?  If
> >> so, we'll need more details to determine why it is not building.  As I
> >> mentioned the snapshots are verified as buildable before they are made
> >> available so it is likely that you haven't downloaded everything you
> >> need to build things.
> >
> >I tried it again with the 1999-2-22 snapshot.  It didn't compile.  I was
> >again successful in compiling the 1-15 snapshot after the 2-22 failure.
> >
> >this is what I did:
> >
> >       /d/src/: tar -xvf cygwin-src-19990222_tar
> >       /d/obj/: make clean-target-newlib          WORKED
> >       /d/obj/: make clean-target-winsup          WORKED
> >       /d/obj/: make all-target-newlib            FAILED
> >       /d/obj/: make all-target-winsup            FAILED
> >
> >
> >The results are attached for the failures.
> >
> >Thanks,
> >John

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