Question about making changes...

Corinna Vinschen
Thu Mar 4 08:26:00 GMT 1999

Earnie Boyd wrote:
> ---Chris Faylor <> wrote:
> >
> > The development sources are always "moving right along" and often we
> discuss
> > the changes we're making in the cygwin-developers mailing list.
> > [...]
> I just wanted to add for the archives sake that there are tools to
> help manage the moving target, such as CVS.  With CVS you would be
> able to know when conflicting changes were made by more than one
> person and be able to take corrective action.
> I know this is off topic but; Corinna, could you explain how you're
> keeping current with snapshots?  At least there would be an entry in
> the archive for it if you do.

I'm not current with snapshots. It's in fact not easy, to keep in touch.
My normal behaviour is, to look into ChangeLog and diff of the snapshot,
to decide, if I need to be current. The decision is simple: If my changes
and the latest snapshot changes are concurrent resp. contrary or overlapping,
I have to check in the snapshots, else not.
Moreover, I'm using CVS, to keep the change history, since I decide, to
download the latest snapshot completely and to check in only _my_ latest
changes into this new snapshot, which I always do under control of CVS.

Oelke, Dan wrote:
> How do most people set up their tree's?

I have downloaded the development tree of B20.1 in early December, then
I have `./configure' in the tree's root dir. After I have done this once,
I have compiled only, what is interesting to me, especially libio, newlib
etc. Imagine a new winsup: I unpack it into the tree's root dir, cd into it
and call `./configure'. Then I have to open `Makefile' with my editor,
go to the line, which contains

	updir:= $(dir $(srcdir))

which is incorrect because of the local configure call, and change it to

	updir:= ../

I can't remember exactly, because I didn't complain any time, didn't
work instantly but AFAIK, this is one of very few interventions, I had to do.
Maybe, it's my missing insight in the process of automake/autoconf.
But nevertheless, so far, I could compile anything in the development tree.


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