Question about making changes...

Earnie Boyd
Thu Mar 4 06:30:00 GMT 1999

---Chris Faylor <> wrote:
> The development sources are always "moving right along" and often we
> the changes we're making in the cygwin-developers mailing list.
> You can easily find out what has changed by inspecting the ChangeLog
> That's one of the reasons DJ made the ChangeLog entries available.
> I do appreciate the fact that you decided to pitch in and help but I
> somewhat mystified as to why you would expect sources that are 1.5
> months old to be the correct place to start.  We provide the snapshots
> to developers so that they can get the latest versions.  I realize
> it's not easy to keep up with a moving target but you should still
> for the latest and greatest if you are about to undertake making
> changes.

I just wanted to add for the archives sake that there are tools to
help manage the moving target, such as CVS.  With CVS you would be
able to know when conflicting changes were made by more than one
person and be able to take corrective action.

I know this is off topic but; Corinna, could you explain how you're
keeping current with snapshots?  At least there would be an entry in
the archive for it if you do.
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