Windows CE support
Sat Mar 27 20:00:00 GMT 1999

I'd like to tackle the problem of making "our" nifty Unix paradigm available to those who want to write code on "HPC Pro" Windows CE devices.  These mini-notebooks are full-fledged computers in my mind and could be very handy as development platforms for those of us who need to write programs and compile tools for our portable needs *while* staying mobile.  For example, I'd like to have VIM for mine... which presupposes a curses package for the CMD tool as well as something to compile the code.  I'd also like to use Apache to host a mini web site over CDPD (, BTW the Sierra Wireless AirCard 300 is very cool)... Yes the GoAhead server or something else could be used, but why reinvent the wheel??

I've not taken a close look at the SDK, but I've gathered that the API is Unicode only-- what ramifications does this have?  Is this whole idea a nutty thing to undertake?  Why/not?

What about targeting multiple processors?  (Has Cygwin addressed the Alpha/NT combo? BTW I was able to run one of my multithreaded financial statistics programs on a 21264 box under Digital UNIX recently-- it was about 85% as fast as a 6CPU Sun E4500!  Not bad for a 4CPU handicap, and at about 1/6th the cost!)


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